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BALLA Jewelry




There is a legend which tells a story about a mysterious meadow on the peak of a mountain. The meadow was showered with beautiful precious stones, which healed ill people, provided the soldiers with strength and brought luck to the unhappy ones and made a princess of the most poison toad. The mysterious force of the stones overturned fates. Make yourself comfortable and let us tell you the whole story. . .

From time immemorial it was said that the locality is the favorite place of the Gods and the precious stones are their ornaments. It was said from mouth to mouth that it was namely the stones in question which made the most ordinary person look as a real God in the eyes of the people surrounding him. Once a small tribe was chased by its enemy and it had to spend the night over the precious stones. The Chief of the tribe saw that his soldiers lost faith prior to the unavoidable battle. Then he called one of the wise men to his tent and they both started to seek a solution of the problem. In the morning the Chief ordered everyone to take one of the beautiful stones and to tie them up around their necks. Before long the tribe entered into battle with the enemy. A miracle happened – the small army of the Chief managed to drive back the ranks of the numerous opponents. Time passed and everyone returned home having sworn that they will wear the precious stones as long as they lived. One evening all of them sat down beside the fireplace where the women and the children had gathered. The Chief took out a string of stones and turned it around in front of the flames of the fire. Everybody gasped with surprise at the colors which revealed before their eyes. One of the children asked the Chief: - What is the name of these stones, do they have a name? – The name of these stones is BALLA, my child – he answered. And thus the ornaments became an inseparable part of the people who wanted to live as Deities. A lot of centuries later similar stones came to the hands of Hollywood stars. They wear them in the form of jewelry nowadays. Their names are different and they adorn the bodies of some of the most famous persons all over the world, bringing them power and giving them a divine form. BALLA is an amulet created for everyone who needs to be different at the significant moments of life. It was made with love aimed at providing people with hope.

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